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Remodeling your home is a multi-faceted process that involves many financial, emotional and lifestyle changes. At Exterior Qualities Home Improvement, we understand these aspects and partner with you throughout the entire remodeling process to make it as convenient, efficient and fun as possible. We go above and beyond to serve our customers with the products, materials and services they want. To request an in-person evaluation or to learn more about our local roofing company, please contact our friendly team

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You can invest a little or a lot, but all home improvement can make a difference in the quality of life at home. When you need an exterior house remodeling contractor or a general home improvement specialist, you can trust Exterior Qualities Home Improvement to meet all your needs.

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"If you want to know me, then you must know my story, for my story defines who I am"

- Dan McAdams

That's a quote that defines Exterior Qualities Home Improvement. From humble beginnings nearly 20 years ago, when a skinny 18-year-old named Mike Barney climbed onto a roof with nothing but a hammer and a bottle of sunscreen, a local home improvement legacy has emerged.

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Commitment to Community

As he spent his first years learning the trade, Mike showed signs of becoming a team leader. Even though he occasionally had the team in stitches by accidentally sitting in sticky containers of tar, his infectious energy and passion for quality kept his crew loyal and in good spirits.

Recognizing the shortcomings of working for a business, Mike decided to start his own company in 2001. He became a subcontractor with the goals of improving the conditions for himself and his crew and improving the customer experience. His vision of a construction company that offered careers, not just jobs, became a reality. His original roofing crew included his brother, Mathew, and best friends, Mike and Mike, who are still employees today.

In 2006, the company grew to do more than roofing, and Exterior Qualities Home Improvement was created. Today, Exterior Qualities is an employee-proud local roofing company with a foundation built on trust and quality. The company also has strong ties to the Sylvania community. Our remodeling crews live and work here, so as a company, were committed to providing nothing but the best customer service for our valued communities and neighbors.

Commitment to Charity

One day in 2015, tragedy struck. Mikes brother, Mathew, was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away less than one week later. Mathew was such an integral part of Exterior Qualities Home Improvement, and the loss was both personally and professionally devastating for Mike and the entire Exterior Qualities family.

Mike decided to channel his grief in a way that would be productive and therapeutic for both his work family and the community. He founded Mathews Hope, a charity that supports families of children with brain cancer by providing home improvement projects to their homes. A portion of all Exterior Qualities proceeds goes toward Mathews Hope, and as of early 2018, the charity completed major improvements to the homes of four children at no cost.

As a family-focused company, our team members commit a lot of their time and passion to Mathews Hope. We also spend a lot of time volunteering, sponsoring sports teams and community events, working with those who need it most and committing ourselves to being quality neighbors.

Commitment to Quality

Our commitment to our communities, charity and customers is recognized throughout the home improvement services industry. Our full-service professional roof repair and installation, home remodeling and home improvement company has grown to include many accolades.

We uphold the highest standards in services, installations and sales and have pledged to ensure each homeowner has a professional interaction with us. Because of all this, the future continues to be bright for Exterior Qualities Home Improvement. Weve seen double-digit growth every year since our founding, our customers rave about our caring sales team that goes above and beyond for them, we employ crews that are detailed and provide consistently high-quality work and were a company that exceeds expectations. So when all is said and done, we want to be known for our mission to create a legacy for our employees and the community.

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